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The Media Society Dedicated To
Performance Classic Cars And Owners 

SH Society is a modern editorial platform supported by an international network of car owners, aficionados and industry stakeholders

Photo Paolo Carlini

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Our Commitment & Passion to Create Extraordinary Quality Media Contents

As SpeedHolics, we develop classic car culture with imagery and stories. We aim to raise the bar on journalistic and visual standards. We engage the best professionals and emerging talents in photo journalism to create extraordinary quality media and editorial services for our readers and associates.

Photo Paolo Carlini


There is no passion and ownership without knowledge and  culture. We aim to develop the culture and knowledge of sport classic motoring through our exclusive high-quality published content and our media channels.


SH Society is a nonprofit independent organization. it means that we mainly rely on the contribution and generosity of individuals to help increase the boundaries of  motorsport knowledge through our work in publishing, education, and cultural preservation.

When you support SH Society you help us grow together.

Our projects

Our current project are focused on developing the editorial platform, both digital and traditional. We focus on telling the stories and engaging with those hearts and minds who have made the motoring world what it is. But we also want to develop our knowledge on the evolution of the market and on developing exclusive tools and features for our Associates 


You can actively contribute to the evolution of SH by submitting a membership request, by donating or by promoting your brand on our channels.


Photo Sanesi Family

Curated Editorial Contents for Motorsport Aficionados. Insights, Stories, Heroes, Lifestyle. 

We created SH Society to celebrate classic performance motoring culture, and to showcase the passion and ingenuity of so many hearts, minds and souls who made the motoring world what it is.


Photo by Photos by Sanesi Family

Photo Stefan Johansson

Best of Photojournalism, Interviews, Conferences and Events with the Heroes.

We love to learn and hear from those minds and souls who made the motoring world what it is. Exclusive face to face interviews, Lifestyle Articles, Conferences, bring our Associates in touch with the protagonists.

Columnists, Honorary Members and VIPs give us an unfiltered view of the essence of the classic motoring world.  

Photo by Alessandro Barteletti

Photo by Alessandro Barteletti

Video Andrea Ruggeri

Refined Video Productions.

What better medim than films to tell a unique story, showcase a rare car and learn from the words and experiences of heroes?

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A new storytelling collaboration with Astara and Alfa Romeo Switzerland on Alfa Romeo heritage

Alfa Romeo is a brand with a tradition of passion and engineering that few others can boast. With Astara, we have initiated a collaboration that focuses on classic Alfa Romeos and their Swiss collectors.

Swissvax & SpeedHolics: a storytelling collaboration

We are delighted to announce a content and storytelling collaboration between SpeedHolics and Swissvax, two industry leaders who share a passion for cars and a commitment to showcasing the culture surrounding them. This collaboration is around sharing authentic stories and experiences about classic sports motoring culture and fostering a community of automotive enthusiasts who share the same passion. Swissvax is renowned for its premium car care products that are designed to protect and enhance the appearance of vehicles. Their dedication to quality and attention to detail is a perfect match for the ethos of SpeedHolics commitment to celebrating and preserving the rich history and culture of classic sports motoring with a particular focus on Italian motoring heritage. The collaboration between SpeedHolics and Swissvax is about sharing their knowledge, expertise, and authentic stories about cars. By working together, they can create an even more immersive and engaging experience for car enthusiasts worldwide. The "care for your dream“ claim and philosophy of Swissvax is perfectly reflected with the ethos at the heart of the SpeedHolics platform. By sharing their passion and expertise with each other's communities, they can build a network of automotive enthusiasts who share a love for classic sports motoring culture. Markus Herzberg, CEO of Swissvax, has recently joined the SpeedHolics Circle, the board of directors of SpeedHolics Society. As a member of the SpeedHolics Circle, Markus will bring his expertise and knowledge to contribute shaping the direction of the SpeedHolics platform, ensuring that it remains independent and a hub for car enthusiasts to share their passion and experiences. We invite you to visit to learn more about this collaboration and to discover the latest news and products from Swissvax. Join us as we share authentic stories, experiences, and a passion for cars.

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