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Why join SpeedHolics Society?

SpeedHolics is a non-profit organisation. We exist thanks to the contributions of our founders, funders, associates and readers. This means that 100% of the revenue we make is reinvested into this platform in order to improve the SpeedHolics experience. Your contribution directly fuels our editorial content production – the backbone of SpeedHolics – and protects our independence. With your support, you become a stakeholder in SpeedHolics, a member of the community, an owner of the product, and help make SpeedHolics better everyday.

By becoming a member you’ll stay in the know about our newly-released content, and you’ll receive exclusive discounts on our products and future live events. 


Understand our membership levels

silver back.png
silver front.png

Silver Associate
As a Silver associate, you become the backbone of SpeedHolics —and in return you will:

  • Receive our SpeedHolics Associate Silver Card
    Stay in the know with regular updates on our content
    Be first to hear about announcements, special features, and opportunities
    Obtain 10% discount on selected products and initiative

gold back.png
gold front.png

Gold Associate

​While everyone is welcome to join our organisation as an associate, your Gold level membership extends the benefits to your car. Every classic car brings something special, but we have devoted our passion to performance and racing cars. So, before submitting your Gold Membership request, please make sure your car falls into one of the categories outlined below at Step 2. If you are not sure, please email us and we’ll be back in touch very soon. 

With the SpeedHolics Associate Gold Card, engraved with the model and chassis number of your car you will get all privileges of a Silver Associate. On top of this you will:

  • Obtain a 20% discount on the registration fees for future SpeedHolics car events (applicable to the registered car only)

  • Get up to 5 free listings per year on our Marketplace, for an unlimited duration
    Obtain a 15% discount on the marketplace packages

  • Much more to come soon dedicated to car collectors

Membersihp fees

  • Silver: 150 CHF/Year

  • Gold: 240 CHF/Year

Upon completion of the registration you will receive an email confirmation with payment information


Criteria of car eligibility to SpeedHolics 

Model or Rule
Heritage Stars and One-off
Performance and sport cars of particular relevance, rarity, value, produced before the '80s
< 1999
Pioneer (Vintage) Performance Cars
All performance cars built from 1918 to 1929
Oldtimer (Antique) Performance Cars
All performance cars built from 1930 to 1974
Classic Performance Cars
All performance cars built from 1975 to 1999
Tribute (Modern Classic) Performance Cars
Cars of any period post 1999 which are inspired to classic cars or have particular relevance thanks to their design, rarity or refined solutions
> 1999
Pioneer (Vintage) Race Cars
All cars built or prepared for competitions from 1918 to 1929
Oldtimer (Antique) Race Cars
All cars built or prepared for competitions from 1930 to 1974
Classic Race Cars
All cars built or prepared for competitions from 1975 to 1999


Submit your membership

A quick word on privacy and how we use (and don’t use) your information. Rest assured that your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Read our Privacy Policy before continuing and if you have any concerns or queries, feel free to contact us

Don't forget to select the Membership Level (Silver or Gold).

About You

Select Your Address*

About Your Car (Gold Members Only) 

Let's now register a car that you want to bring with you on your journey with us. If you own more than one car, you may want to choose the one that better represents the spirit of SpeedHolics. By applying for a Gold membership you understand that not all cars will be accepted, according to the criteria in the above point 2. Upon approval of your membership request you will receive our Gold card with the name and chassis number of your car engraved. 
Would you like to register more than one car? Write to us and we will help with the registration process.

Photo of Your Car

To be sure that you really are the owner of the car we need photographic proof showing the chassis number you’ve indicated above. We would appreciate it if you could also share a maximum of 5 other photos: front, rear, side and interior and engine bay. The photos will remain stored in our secure systems and won't be published.

Select File

Have you completed all the necessary fields above? OK! Submit your request and join the SpeedHolics Society!

Almost there! What will happen now? Our team will review your request and will reply to you with a welcome email containing your personal and secret ID. With that ID you will be able to complete the purchase of the card directly online with your Credit Card or Paypal on the ShpeedHolics Shop! It's all set then, just click Submit and enjoy the privileges. 

it may take some time, based on the size of the photos. A confirmation message will appear here below

Your content has been submitted

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